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Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition

Functional testing

Unlike standard tests, which often focus on identifying disease states, functional testing is geared toward identifying various levels of imbalance that can occur years or even decades before reaching a disease state. Functional tests can confirm underlying imbalances or suboptimal functions, allowing for a more targeted and individualized nutrition program. Additionally, they serve as valuable tools for monitoring progress as you work through your program.

I have access to some of the best specialist laboratories worldwide and can provide advice and organize relevant tests when necessary to guide her protocols. She collaborates closely with labs that conduct in-depth analyses of various aspects, including nutrient status and deficiencies, metabolism, detoxification, digestive health, adrenal function, stress response, thyroid function, food intolerances, and parasitology, as well as DNA profiling.


  • Hormonal panels

  • Adrenal profile test

  • Food sensitivity test

  • Comprehensive Gastrointestinal panels

  • SIBO breath test

  • Thyroid panel

  • Parasitology

  • Blood Brain barrier test 

  • Mineral analysis

  • Organic Acids Testing 

  • Omega balance test

  • Other blood/urine panels


I will also offer test interpretation and suggestions as to which steps to take following your test.

Please contact me should you wish to discuss arranging diagnostic testing.

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