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Fresh Herbs, Walnut and Feta Cheese Sandwich (Noon Panir Sabzi)

This traditional sandwich, which is one of the most delicious sandwiches in Iran, is made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Traditionally, it is made with a flat bread, such as lavash, sangak, or barbary bread. Considering that you might not have access to a Persian bakery, you can use sourdough or any other kind of break. instead. Regardless of which break you use, you will enjoy this sandwich.


A bunch of parsley

A bunch of coriander

A bunch of mint

A bunch of tarragon

A bunch of chive

Feta cheese, sliced


A bunch of radish, finely sliced


This step is optional: soak the walnuts for 24 hours in water for the walnuts to lose their bitterness.

Wash all the herbs and remove any tough stems (preferably use a salad spinner to dry thoroughly) before setting aside.

To assemble the sandwich, depending on the kind of the bread you are using, first lay a layer of feta cheese followed by a generous amount of each of the herbs. Add some walnuts and radish on top. If you are using sourdough bread, simply place these ingredients between two pieces of bread and if you are using flat bread then simply roll the ingredients inside the bread.


Atoosa xx


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