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Persian Saffron Ice Cream with Crunchy Cream and Pistachio (Bastani Sonati)

Serves 4 to 6

This is an easy version of a traditional Persian ice cream - bastani sonati, which can be time consuming to make. I created this version because I miss bastani sonata but rarely have time to make the original recipe.


300ml double cream

3-4 generous pinch of saffron

A pinch of sugar

Boiling water

500g good quality vanilla ice cream

½ tbsp rose water

100g silvered pistachio or chopped pistachio


Cover the surface of a tray or a large plate with cling film. Pour the cream onto the tray or plate (3-4 millimetres thick). Place the tray or plate in the freezer and leave there until the cream is fully frozen. It is critical to place the tray on an even surface, so the thickness of the cream remains consistent.

To make the saffron water, add the saffron and a pinch of sugar in a pestle and mortar and grind to a fine powder. Add 3 tablespoons of boiling water and set aside to infuse.

Once the cream is frozen, remove the vanilla ice cream from the freezer and set aside for 10-12 minutes so that the ice cream can become a little soft (do not melt too much, just enough so it can be stirred).

Transfer the soft ice cream to a large bowl and then add the saffron and rose water and stir until it is fully mixed.

Remove the cream from the freezer and break into 1-2 centimetres pieces before adding to the ice cream bowl. Add the silvered pistachio and stir to mix.

Transfer the ice cream to the freezer for a couple of hours to freeze.

You can enjoy the ice cream as scoops in a bowl or you can create an ice cream sandwich by placing the ice cream between waffles, delicious!


Atoosa xx


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