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Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition
Hi, I'm Atoosa and I am an author and registered nutritional therapist, specialising in autoimmune diseases, thyroid, metabolic conditions and gut health.    
Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition

What if chronic disease didn’t have to be chronic?

Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition


I’m a qualified nutritional therapist and author. My interest in nutrition resulted from the overwhelming response to my first book ‘From a Persian Kitchen’ and a desire to better understand the science behind food and its impact on wellbeing as I began to think about my next publication. Growing up in Iran I was privileged to learn the traditional old remedies but I wanted to find out for myself if they were simply myth or if they are based on science. And so, I returned to formal education to feed my curiosity and gain the knowledge I needed to begin working on my second book. An unexpected outcome was that I became completely engaged (perhaps even a little obsessed) with nutrition to the point that I wanted to share my knowledge with others and ultimately work as a partitioner to help patients suffering from a range of aliments that can be treated by changes in their diet. 

Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition
As a food writer, I feel confident in the kitchen and enjoy creating recipes and meal plans that are quick and easy to follow and stick to. Working with me means that you will have tailored recipes to your condition.

I can help you with 

Autoimmune Diseases

• Hashimoto's • IBD/crohn's disease • Celiac • Rheumatoid arthritis • Lupus • Psoriasis and more

Mental Health

• Stress • Anxiety • Burnouts • Depression • Low mood • Trouble sleeping • Restless less

Digestive issues 

• IBS • SIBO • IBD/crohn's disease • Candida • Bloating • Abdominal pain • Acid reflux

Bone Density Loss

• Osteopenia • Osteoporosis • Hormonal imbalance

Metabolic Conditions

• Prediabetes • Type 2 diabetes • Diabetes • High blood pressure • High cholesterol

Weight Management

• Weight gain • Struggling loosing weight • Low energy • Cravings

Skin Health

• Eczema • Psoriasis • Skin breakouts • Hormonal imbalances

Thyroid Health

• Energy • Hair loss • Weight gain\loss • Underactive thyroid • Hashimoto's


I first contacted Atoosa when my doctor informed me that I needed to go on corticosteroids for the foreseeable future due to my elevated IgG4 levels, which had been persistently high for years, and there seemed to be no other viable option. Unwilling to be on steroids for an extended period, I sought an alternative solution. Atoosa ordered me various tests and also made changes to my diet. After 4 months, my IgG4 levels returned to the normal range. I am forever grateful! Thank you so much.


Atoosa Sepehr Nutrition
My goal is to get you back to health so that you can live life fully and show up as the best version of yourself for your loved ones.


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